All About Cards Update

A new update is here for Tabletop Playground and it is all about cards! With web textures and flipped stack cards come two highly requested new features, and several further convenience improvements:

• Web textures for cards: You can now configure card-type objects in the editor to allow overriding their front image in-game by an image URL on the internet. The scripting API for cards also has new methods to work with texture overrides. This can be useful for loading maps during an RPG session, or creating a package that automatically loads card images from the internet using scripting.

• New standard object: The web image object is now available in the object library. It uses the web texture functionality to offer an easy way to add online images to a running game.

• Flipped cards in stack: You can now configure card stacks in the editor to allow flipped cards within the stack. Instead of auto-rotating to the stack rotation, cards dropped on such stacks will remain face up or face down as they were. You can’t mix cards from decks that allow and don’t allow flipped cards in the same stack. The scripting API for cards has been enhanced to allow working with flipped cards in stacks.

• The “Peek / Slide Under” key now also works when holding it while dragging from a card stack or “stack” type container: you will draw from the bottom instead of from the top.

• Support rotating the object zoom in 90° increments with the keys for rotating highlighted objects (Q/E by default). Does not rotate the zoom for objects that auto-rotate.

• The object zoom key now works while using the card stack explorer to instantly show the large image tooltip

• Allow even thinner measure lines in the settings, and lower height of the lines depending on their size

• Cards didn’t show changes in editor when changing texture
• Object zoom for cards did not take into account changed scale
• Objects with shapes generated from images were not copied properly in the editor
• Objects with collisions generated from images did not work correctly with containers
• Remove crash when trying to load an invalid texture
• Mac: Ask for permission to use Microphone to make in-game voice chat work

These new updates we’ve added are just some of the many features on our early access development roadmap for Tabletop Playground, which you can check out on our Trello HERE.

Don’t forget to join our community Discord to chat with the dev team and give us your suggestions for new features for the game!

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