Creator’s Program Launch And New Release Window

Hey everyone we’ve got some exciting news to share in this update!

From today, we’re starting a Creator’s Program for Tabletop Playground in collaboration with, which will going forward be our early access initiative. This will mean you’ll be able to play, test and create content, and share it with other community members, similar to how we’ve been running it previously.

Tabletop Playground Creator's Program Image
Join the Tabletop Playground Creator’s Program today!

Card Hands And Playing In A Cyberpunk World

It’s been a while since the last Tabletop Playground development update, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy! We’ve been adding several new features and usability enhancements (and fixing some bugs…). For this update we’ll be showcasing two new features: the card hand and a new futuristic 3D environment!

Multistate Madness

The previous posts were all about ways to customize the appearance of objects in the game. But sometimes, changing colors or material is not enough and you want to switch the texture of an object. For example, what if you need a way to count points or have a rulebook with multiple pages ready on the table?

Shiny Heavy Metal

Apart from colors, objects in Tabletop Playground have two other properties that alter their appearance: you can define how rough and how metallic they are.

Roughness determines how “shiny” an object is: an object with roughness 0 is perfectly smooth and will sharply reflect surrounding light. On the other hand, an object with roughness 1 scatters incoming light so you don’t see any reflections or highlights on it.

Any Color you Like

This post is all about colors and how they work in Tabletop Playground. Colors are used in two ways: to identify players and to customize objects.