March Development Update

Welcome to our latest development update for Tabletop Playground, spotlighting the latest features we’ve added to the game. Our last few announcements have been focused on our publishing partnership with Modularity Games and our monthly community competitions, so we wanted to bring the focus back to all the work we’ve been doing on the game!

Check out all the big features we’ve added over the last couple of months below and if there are any specific features you’d like to see in Tabletop Playground, join our growing Discord community and let us know!

February Creator Competition Winners!

In the build up to the release of Tabletop Playground (in Q2 2020) we started the closed beta Creator’s Program late last year, inviting modders, board game creators and passionate fans to test out the latest builds of the game and to start creating games and tools before release.

We’ve been ecstatic at the number of games we’ve seen created and uploaded to (the solution we’re using for cross platform mod support) already and decided to start running monthly competitions to reward talented and hard working members of our growing community. Check out the winners for February below and a recap of our winners from January too!

Holiday Community Update

Happy new year everyone! We’ve recently released a couple of new updates for Tabletop Playground for users in our early access Creator’s Program (learn more on our FAQ!), which are focused on the community: all changes are addressing suggestions and bug reports from our Discord.

It’s quite a long list, but before you read on if you love tabletop gaming, don’t forget to follow and wishlist us!

Scripting has arrived

Welcome to the largest feature update yet: Tabletop Playground now has scripting support using JavaScript!

Scripts bring a whole new level of possibilities for creating games in Tabletop Playground. You can use them to automate tasks, help with counting and bookkeeping, enforce game rules, or even create AI opponents. The rest of this post will become a bit technical, so if you’re more interested in playing than creating, rest assured that better and more complex games are now possible!