Shiny Heavy Metal

Apart from colors, objects in Tabletop Playground have two other properties that alter their appearance: you can define how rough and how metallic they are.

Roughness determines how “shiny” an object is: an object with roughness 0 is perfectly smooth and will sharply reflect surrounding light. On the other hand, an object with roughness 1 scatters incoming light so you don’t see any reflections or highlights on it.

Any Color you Like

This post is all about colors and how they work in Tabletop Playground. Colors are used in two ways: to identify players and to customize objects.

What else is on the table?

In my previous post, I introduced four object types that you will find in many games: standard objects, dice, cards, and card holders. Today, I want to tell you about the remaining object types that Tabletop Playground currently supports.

What’s on the table?

Hi, in this post I’d like to talk about the different objects that you can interact with in Tabletop Playground. Currently, there are 7 different object types implemented: standard objects (e.g. cube, ball, pawn,…), dice, cards, card holders, containers, cardboard figures, and tables. All of them have certain properties that should enable you to have a fun virtual tabletop game experience. Today, I will describe the first four object types, leaving the others for a future post.

You will probably not use all of these object types in every game you choose to play: some are more useful for board games or card games, others may come in handy for wargaming. So, let’s have a closer look!

Announcing Tabletop Playground

After years of development, I’m excited to announce Tabletop Playground! A platform to create and play any kind tabletop game over the internet, Tabletop Playground will be coming to Steam in 2019.

I will use this blog to post development updates and showcase features. If you haven’t seen it yet, go check out the trailer!

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