Creator’s Program Launch And New Release Window

Hey everyone we’ve got some exciting news to share in this update!

From today, we’re starting a Creator’s Program for Tabletop Playground in collaboration with, which will going forward be our early access initiative. This will mean you’ll be able to play, test and create content, and share it with other community members, similar to how we’ve been running it previously.

Tabletop Playground Creator's Program Image
Join the Tabletop Playground Creator’s Program today!

But importantly, the program is being run through, which will be our cross platform solution for mod/user-generated content. We’re want to bring Tabletop Playground to multiple PC storefronts and platforms in the future, but to ensure everyone can access and enjoy the same content regardless of where it is uploaded from, we can’t rely on Steam Workshop going forward.

From today we’ll be handing out a limited amount of codes every fortnight to members of our Discord who are eager to get involved. However, anyone who has already received a code previously will be able to continue testing and be part of the Creator’s Program. 

To get involved in the Creator’s Program and be some of the first players to get your hands on Tabletop Playground and contribute to the development, join our community Discord. Read more about the Creator’s Program on our new F.A.Q. and check out the Tabletop Playground hub.

Tabletop Playground coming to PC and VR in 2020.
Tabletop Playground is coming to PC and VR in 2020.

Another important announcement, which many of you would have probably presumed by now, but Tabletop Playground will be releasing on PC and VR in 2020. Previously we had been working towards a 2019 release, but through our community’s feedback, we’ve decided to add several more features before release and therefore decided to push back the launch to 2020.

We’re looking forward to having you continue to give us feedback through the Creator’s Program and adding new features for you to check out as we head towards launch next year.

We’re still hard at work implementing JavaScript scripting at the moment and we’ll have more news to share on that front in the coming weeks! Until then, we look forward to chatting with you more about the Creator’s Program and Tabletop Playground on Discord. To make sure you don’t miss any updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and sign up to our newsletter.