Tabletop Playground FAQ

Interested in the Creator’s Program?

Join our Discord to get a key and start creating! For more information on TTP and what the Creator’s Program is all about, read on!

What is Tabletop Playground (TTP)?

TTP is the modern digital tabletop game for fans and creators alike. Featuring deep customization and choice, enjoy more immersive tabletop sessions with friends than ever before. Build new rule sets for traditional games, play custom-made games by the community or create your own and share them with the world!

What platforms will TTP be available on?

TTP will be available on PC and VR headsets (currently developed for HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift).

We’d love to bring it to Mac and Linux after the initial release, and maybe even one day to consoles and mobile devices. But our focus for the immediate future is on PC and VR.

When will TPP be releasing?

TTP will be releasing in 2020.

We’ll have more information about this come early 2020. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and join our newsletter for updates come next year!

Do you have a Discord?

You bet we do! Join here.

By joining our Discord community you’ll be the first to get the latest updates on TTP’s development, get to chat to the developers and even take part in the Creator’s Program.

What is the Creator’s Program?

The TTP Creator’s Program is our in-development early access initiative, being run in collaboration with, which will be our cross platform solution for mod/user-generated content. This means regardless of the storefront or platform you purchase and play TTP on once it releases, you’ll be able to enjoy content other players create and share online, from wherever a player creates and uploads it from.

The Creator’s Program gives members of our community the opportunity to play, test and even create content, which could be available for anyone to play when TTP releases.

To enter the Creator’s Program, join our Discord community and from there you’ll be able to apply for our next round of early access Steam keys, which we’ll be giving out every fortnight.

Where can I wishlist and follow the game to be updated when it releases?

We currently have a Steam page and page for Tabletop Playground and will update you if and when we decide to bring TTP to other platforms and storefronts.