UI Scripting Is Here Along With New Language Translations

Welcome back to our monthly Tabletop Playground early access development update for July.

We’ve been continuing to work our way through several features on our public roadmap, including UI Scripting, Translations and undo and redo buttons.

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UI Scripting!

The long requested feature UI Scripting feature was one of our major updates for July.

With this you can use scripting to create user interface elements like buttons or text fields in the world. When players interact with the UI elements, they generate events that you can subscribe to.

Learn how to use it in the knowledge base: https://tabletop-playground.com/knowledge-base/user-interface/

• Throw exceptions instead of printing a warning for invalid function calls
• Adding a new UI element does not rebuild the whole UI for that object anymore (making creating objects with many UI elements faster)
• Colors now default to alpha=1 (instead of 0) when no value is given


Tabletop Playground is going international: we’ve worked on making the game ready for translations, and we’ve completed the German translation!

We’re also now live on Localizor: https://www.localizor.com/tabletop-playground

Earn Tabletop Playground Steams keys for contributing to localisations on Localizor.

If English is not your mother tongue and you’d like to see Tabletop Playground in your native language, you can join the translator community and help to make it happen – and you can earn Steam keys for a Tabletop Playground and a number of other games as rewards!

We have activated French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish as additional languages for now, let us know if you want to translate to the game to another language!

Undo/Redo Buttons

Our final major update for July was adding the ability to jump backward/forward in time, coupled with much better performance when loading states while in-game.

The rewind feature in action!

As always our latest updates have also included a number of other improvements and fixes based on recent feedback:

• German translation can now be activated in the interface settings. It will be automatically selected when the game is started for the first time and Steam is set to German.
• Change color of selected text for better contrast
• Automatically select all text when clicking small text boxes
• Allow snapping when pasting objects
• Add version field to mod.io upload dialog
• When trying to upload a new version of a deleted mod, notify user and upload as a new mod instead
• Scripting: Add Player.setPositionAndRotation, deprecate Player.setPosition and Player.setRotation

• A new button bar appears when moving the mouse cursor to the center of the upper screen edge. It has an undo and a redo button which load the previous/next autosave.
• Autosave interval reduced to 10 seconds
• Loading times when already in game drastically reduced, especially in multiplayer
• Containers now have a maximum number of items. The number can be set in the object properties or using scripting.

• Virtual keyboard is now shown for scripting UI text boxes • When dragging a card from a stack using the free cursor, keep it at the offset where the drag started instead of centering it on the cursor
• Ensure that grabbed object doesn’t overlap with controller model when switching cursors
• Add haptic feedback when highlighting objects (configurable in VR settings)Virtual keyboard is now shown for scripting UI text boxes

• Don’t show an error message when loading a package from mod.io that was edited locally (when subscribing to own package). Ignore the downloaded pacakge instead.
• Width and height were reversed when creating snap point grids
• Don’t add new objects to existing object groups when pasting or spawning from the object library. Create new groups instead.
• Make context object selection for copy and delete consistent with other actions (highlighted object takes priority before object selection)
• Resolution settings weren’t working properly since the previous update
• Notes were not formatted correctly for one frame (#6)
• Fixed visual issues when highlighting objects that have multiple components, some of which are transparent and some aren’t
• Fix memory leak when using .dds textures for cards

These updates were some of the many features on the early access development roadmap for Tabletop Playground, which you can check out on Trello here. Sign up for a Trello account and you can vote on which features we should focus on next.

Don’t forget to join our community Discord to chat with the dev team and give us your suggestions for new features for the game! Until the next monthly development update, we hope you have many fun and great tabletop sessions in Tabletop Playground.

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