Card holders

Card holders

Card holders are an object type in Tabletop Playground. A card holder can contain a number of cards. When dropping a new card onto a card holder, the existing cards move to show where the new card will be put.

Card holders can be ownerless, or have a single player as owner. If they have an owner, all cards on the holder with their front face up are only visible to the owning player, other players just see a grey blur. Cards with their back face up are shown to all players.

Single cards or small card stacks can be put into card holders, as long as the capacity limit isn’t reached: card holders have a maximum number of cards that they can hold.

Card holders have two custom properties:
Take Cards: Determines whether only the owning player can take cards from the holder.
Owner: The player color that owns the card holder. Can be set to no player.

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