Cards are an object type in Tabletop Playground. Card objects can represent playing cards, tiles, or tokens. They have several properties that distinguish them from generic objects: Cards can be stacked – if you drop a card onto another card or stack of the same shape and size, both will get combined into a stack. You can take the top card from a stack by dragging it off. If you want to take a whole stack, click on it and hold until you pick up the stack.

While you hold a card, its face isn’t visible to other players (they will only see a grey blur). To prevent cheating, the card front face is not visible for yourself either while you hold a card with its back face up. Cards can also be used with card holders, and their faces can be hidden from players that aren’t the owner of the card holder.

Card stacks have two custom context actions:
Shuffle: Randomly shuffles the cards in the stack.
Deal: Gives out a card to each card holder present in the game.
Split: Brings up a window that allows you to split the stack in different ways

Texture Map

If you want to create your own textures for card shapes other than square (which always uses up the whole texture), here are the exact shapes that are used. Since the rounded edges of the rounded style get distorted by strong scaling, there are three different shapes: The regular ones for cards that are relatively square, a high variant for cards where the height divided by the width is at least 1.17 (like standard 6 cm by 9 cm playing cards), and a wide on for cards with width / height < 0.86.

Rounded Regular
Rounded High
Rounded Wide

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