Changing the location of installs

Changing the location of installs

If you want to change where the packages that are downloaded from are stored, you need to enter the path you want to use in a file to tell where to save the downloaded packages. Here’s how to find the file (globalsettings.json) depending on your platform:

  • Windows Open an explorer window and type %localappdata% in the address bar. Then, go to the folder.
  • Mac In the finder menu, click on “Go”, then “Go to Folder…” and enter ~/Library/Application Support/
  • Linux In your home directory, go to the folder

In the file, you will see an entry that looks like this: {"RootLocalStoragePath":"C:/Users/Public/"}
Change the path inside the brackets to the folder you want. On Windows, take care that you use / instead of \ to separate the path. For example, you can modify the file to look like this: {"RootLocalStoragePath":"E:/Game Data/"} to store your downloaded packages in the folder E:\Game Data\mods\. If the file contains multiple entries, you can delete all except one.

After this change, you can delete your previous directory at C:/Users/Public/ to save space. Please do not move it to the new location, because that may confuse and cause unwanted behavior.

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