Containers are an object type in Tabletop Playground. You can put other objects into a container by dropping them onto it. You can take objects out of a container by clicking and quickly dragging off the container. If you want to grab a container, click and hold until you pick it up.

The type of a container determines how objects are taken out. There are four variants:
Random: Take out one of the contained objects at random.
Infinite Random: Take out a random object, but keep a copy of it in the container.
Stack: Take the first inserted object out last.
Queue: Take the first inserted object out first.
Infinite queue: Take the first inserted object out first, but keep a copy and move it to the end of the queue.

Containers have two custom context actions:
Empty: Removes (and deletes) all objects from the container.
Container Explorer: Open a new window that allows you to inspect the container’s contents

Containers have custom properties:
Container Type: The type of the container.
Take Rotation: Determines how objects taken from the container should get rotated. Possible values are “Default Rotation” to get objects in their standard orientation, “Container Rotation” to rotate them like the container, and “Flipped” to get objects in their standard orientation but flipped.
Lazy Load: Determine whether objects in the container should only be loaded once they are taken out or viewed in the container explorer. Loading an object may cause a hitch, so in general it is preferrable to leave this off. It can help when you have a large game and containers that include objects which are often not needed during a game.
Max Items: The maximum number of items this container can hold. If there already more items than the maximum, they won’t be removed from the container.
Owner: Allows you to define an owning player for the container. Only the owning player and their team can explore the content of the container. If no player owns the container, all players can use the container explorer.

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