Switcher Object

Switcher Object

Switchers are different from other object types: they don’t have their own appearance and instead always look like the currently active switchable object. You don’t create switchable objects in the editor, but in-game: in the context menu for multiple selected objects, click “Create Switcher”. The selected objects will be combined into one switcher object.

The order of states in the new switcher is determined by the order in which you select the object to combine, and which object you right click to create the switcher. If you care about the order of states in the switcher, the easiest way to ensure the order of selected objects is to hold Ctrl and click the objects one by one to add them to the selection. Then make sure that you right click the object which should become the first state to bring up the context menu.

Switcher objects have custom actions to switch to the next or previous state, and to pick a random state. Each state corresponds to one of the objects that the switcher was created with. Finally, there’s the “Remove Switcher” option which will just keep the current state object and remove the switcher along with all other states. If the current state object doesn’t define a primary or secondary action, the respective hotkeys can be used to switch to the next or previous state object.

You can still modify each state object (for example by changing their color) and the modified state will remain when you switch ot another state and back. You can do most actions with objects that are part of a switcher that you could do with regular objects, with a few exceptions: switcher objects can’t become parts of new switchers, and switchable cards can’t go into other card stacks (but other cards can be added to the switchable card stack). Switchable cards in card holders can’t change their state while in the holder.

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