This page collects common solutions to problems that can occur with the game. If you don’t find your issue here or need additional support, visit the Tabletop Playground Discord.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime required error message when starting the game

Most systems already have the required runtime installed, and Steam is configured to install it automatically when the game is installed. If you get the above error, you can install the required runtime “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019” manually. Here’s a direct link to download it from Microsoft:

The game doesn’t start or crashes when starting

Run the game as administrator

This can be related to running Discord as administrator. If you’re doing that, try running Discord as a regular user, or run the game as administrator by doing the following:
1. Right click the game in your Steam Library.
2. Go to Properties then the Local Files tab.
3. Click Browse…
4. Right click on the game executable (TabletopPlayground.exe) and go to Properties.
5. Click the Compatibility tab.
6. Check the “Run this program as an administrator” checkbox.
7. Click Apply. Try running the game again through Steam. If it still doesn’t start, try running the executable directly.
8. If it still doesn’t work, or if the game runs but you can’t find other players, run Steam as administrator as well: set the “Run this program as an administrator” checkbox for the Steam executable, or for the shortcut that you use to start Steam.

Disable overlays
The Steam overlay sometimes causes issues. In particular if you see a crash report mentioning “gameoverlayrenderer64”, try the following and check if it works after each step:
1. Disable any other programs that show overlays on top of the game, for example MSI Afterburner, XBox/Windows Game Bar, ATI/Nvidia overlays, etc.
2. Disable the Steam overlay in the settings: Go to Steam->Settings->In-Game and remove the checkmark from “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game”
3. Delete, rename or move the File GameOverlayRenderer64.dll from your main Steam folder. Steam will recreate the file whenever it starts up, so you may need to repeat the process whenever you want to play and have restarted Steam.

In the last two options, the Steam overlay will be disabled. You won’t have an in-game mod browser, but clicking “Browse Games” will open you standard browser. Log in to with you Steam account to subscribe to mods.

Run the game in windowed mode
1. Right click the game in your Steam Library.
2. Go to Properties and click on “Set Launch Options…”
3. Enter -windowed into the text field and press ok
4. Start the gam

Disable other software that might interfere
If you are running programs like alphaconsole/gifyourgame/bakkesmod/, streaming software, or an antivirus program, try disabling them before starting the game.

Update your drivers and Windows
Make sure you have the latest drivers for all your hardware, in particular for your graphics card. Check that you have all the latest Windows updates installed.

There’s a problem with downloading from or uploading to

First make sure that you are connected to In the main menu, you should see “Connected to” in the window to the upper right. If you see something else but there’s an “Activate” button on the window, click it and follow the instructions to connect. If you still can’t connect, see below on how to troubleshoot using the log file. If you are on Windows 7, make sure you have the latest Windows updates installed. In particular, you will need the one mentioned here:

If you are connected with but the mods that you subscribed to aren’t being downloaded, make sure that you haven’t subscribed with a different account: if you signed up to in your regular web browser and not from within the game, your account may not be linked with your Steam account. To fix that, go to the page and log in. Click your username in the upper right and select “Profile”. Go to the “Connected Accounts” section at the bottom and click on the Steam icon. Log in with your Steam credentials to link the accounts.

If the above doesn’t help, here’s how to find the Modio.log file:

  • Windows: Open an explorer window and enter %localappdata%\TabletopPlayground\Saved\Logs in the address bar.
  • Mac: Open the finder and select “Go to Folder…” in the “Go” menu. Enter ~/Library/Logs/TabletopPlayground
  • Linux: The log files are located in ~/.config/Epic/TabletopPlayground/Saved/Logs

Check if you see any errors that may give an indication of what’s going wrong. If you need help, post the file in the #support channel on our Discord.

The game crashes with “Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0006 – ‘HUNG’)

This issue affects many Unreal Engine games. It is caused by the engine losing connection to the graphics card, because of timing issues or when internal and external card switch on laptops. You can find possible solutions here: and

Linux: “Incompatible Vulkan driver found” or similar

Ensure that you have Vulkan and the latest proprietary drivers for your graphics card. Here’s a guide how to do it for different Linux distributions:

The microphone doesn’t work

Make sure that you have the correct audio input device selected in your Windows sound settings before starting the game. If you have a VR headset but you want to use a regular Microphone, you may have to disable the VR audio input device (by clicking on manage audio devices). Only setting the default device may not work if you have VR headset microphones.

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