Mac Release & 50% Discount!

The Mac version for Tabletop Playground is now out of beta and officially available!

To celebrate the Mac release we’ve also put the game on discount, for 50% off!! Grab on Steam with the discount before it runs out on May 15th:

Tabletop Playground On Steam

The new update also adds more options to create complex user interfaces through scripting. It features a new category of UI widgets that group other widgets. `VerticalBox` and `HorizontalBox` give a quick way to create lists of widgets, and `Canvas` gives you complete freedom about where you want to position your widgets.

As an example of how the new widgets can be used, we’ve implemented a Dungeons & Dragons character sheet! Check it out here: If you want to create your own complex UIs, have a look at the new tutorial:

• Add `VerticalBox` container widget
• Add `HorizontalBox` container widget
• Add `Canvas` container widget
• Add `MultilineTextBox` widget
• Allow setting font size on all widgets that contain text
• Execute `On…Changed` callbacks on widgets when the respective values are changed from scripts (with player parameter `undefined`)
• Text boxes with number input types are now allowed to be temporarily empty while editing, making it easier to enter new numbers
• Removed “Reload Scripts” action because it could lead to confusing states and even crashes. Renamed the “Reset Scripting” action to “Reload Scripting” to emphasize that modified scripts are reloaded. Removed `GameWorld.reloadScripts`.

• Fixed crash that could occur when playing with more than two players and players who joined first left the game
• Script UI buttons now play sound when pressed
• Latest Unreal hotfix version for Windows and Mac (can help with Unreal related issues)

These new updates we’ve added are just some of the many features on our early access development roadmap for Tabletop Playground, which you can check out on our Trello HERE.

Don’t forget to join our community Discord to chat with the dev team and give us your suggestions for new features for the game!

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