New features galore

A lot has happened in Tabletop Playground over the past months. The full list would be too much for one post, so we’ll just give a small tour of the highlights here. As usual, you can find a timely and complete log of all changes and improvements on our Discord!

Defining teams
  • You can now define teams for players. Players on the same team can see each other’s cards and container contents, and chat or talk with each other privately.
  • You can now open a PDF viewer window for PDF Multistate objects. The window can be resized, pinned, and maximized to the side of the screen. You can also open PDF directly in your default application from the context menu.
  • Object templates and resource files (textures, models, sounds, fonts) can now be organized in folders within packages.
  • The object library, stack explorer, container explorer, and notes window can now be resized and pinned
  • The session options now include a background setting where you can select an image to use as background. In 3D maps it will replace the sky (if it is visible on the map). Use HDRI images to get a background without stretching. Your selected background is saved in the game state.
Custom background
  • You can now spawn single cards out of card decks directly from the object library: on hovering, card decks now have a search symbol. Click on it to open the list of contained cards.
  • A new action is available for grabbing additional objects, mapped by default to the right mouse button. You can use it to grab objects at the cursor while you’re already holding something. You can also grab more objects from a container, and more cards from a stack. You can change the right mouse configuration in the game settings to return to this action instead of resetting positions of held objects. If you hold the invert/below key while pressing the right mouse button, you drop the most recently picked up object.
  • Support selecting and moving multiple cards in holder
  • Select environment with images in a new step when creating new game instead of using drop down box. The selected environment is now stored in the game state.
Selecting environment
  • Slightly reduced physics speed and improved dice roll feel
  • You can now drop multiple held cards at once on stacks and card holders
  • New button at the top of the screen in the editor allows you to quickly reload all textures and models for the current template
  • New customization options for all scripting UI widgets that include text: You can set bold, italic, and color. Or set a completely custom TTF font.
  • Deprecate ScriptPanel.setEqualChildSize for a more flexible mechanism where each child added to a HorizontalBox or VerticalBox can receive a size weight
Text styling and custom fonts

These new updates we’ve added are just some of the many features on our early access development roadmap for Tabletop Playground, which you can check out on our roadmap Trello board.