Now available on Epic and Microsoft

Starting today, Tabletop Playground is available on the Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store, offering seamless cross-platform gameplay! No matter what store you get the game from, rest assured that you can enjoy the same immersive experience, access all games on, and join players from all platforms. But that’s not all. We’ve made significant strides in the past months, and you can explore the complete list of updates on our Discord or discover the highlights right here:

• You can now add lights to objects in the editor. There’s a new pane in the lower left (collapsed by default) that allows you to add point lights and spotlights. Point lights emit light into all directions equally and don’t cast shadows, spotlights have a direction and a configurable light cone radius. You can also specify the color and intensity for both light types. Lights on objects can be switched on or off in-game from the context menu.
• Add a new object type: Switchers allow you to switch between multiple objects. You create switchers in-game (or in preview mode) by selecting multiple objects and clicking “Create Switcher” in the context menu. The selected objects will be combined into a single object which you can switch from the context menu or using the object action hotkeys (R / Ctrl+R). The context menu also allows you to switch to a random object, or remove the switcher. You can learn more on the new knowledge base page:
• Allow object zoom in the container explorer
• Add new button in card and multistate object details in the editor to quickly add all remaining cards or states from the image sheet

• The chat now supports whisper tabs: When you send a whisper message to another player or receive a whisper message, a new chat tab will open. You can have your private conversation in that chat. This keeps all messages with a player together and doesn’t require you to use the /w command to whisper. The old behavior with both public and private messages in the main chat tab is still supported, you can disable tabs in the advanced interface options. • Show template names in dialog for copying from other package
• Add ability to cycle through previously written messages by using the up and down keys in the chat window (similar to the command history in the JavaScript console)
• Add in-game mod browser: from the main menu, a comprehensive UI allows you to browse available mods and subscribe or rate, or manage your existing subscriptions. Currently the mod browser is only available on Windows, Mac and Linux support will follow.
• Only load templates in packages on demand. Reduces startup time and allows multiple packages with the same templates (for example a development and release version), as long as both pacakges aren’t used within the same game.
• Add new permission for saving the game on clients. This can be useful to prevent cheating by clients inspecting or loading the save file to access hidden information like hand cards of other players.
• Allow selecting cards in (locked) card holders using drag selection
• Show card tooltips in the on-screen hand
• The new turn system allows you to create phases to keep track of the state of your game and restrict interactions to players whose turn it is. Find out more about rounds, phases, and turns in the knowledge base:

These new updates we’ve added are just some of the many features on our early access development roadmap for Tabletop Playground, which you can check out on our roadmap Trello board.