Open Beta And April Creator Contest Winners

With the open beta and the release date reveal for Tabletop Playground, it’s been a busy few weeks for our team! But through the open beta and all of April you continued to bring amazing tabletop games and tools to life with the game’s editor.

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We’re excited to announce the winners of our monthly creator’s competition for April, and we’ll be awarding several more full release codes to creators who took part and uploaded mods during the open beta as promised. So let’s get stuck into it!

The Sci-Fi board game “Sector 18″, one of two original self-published games recreated by Dustin Hendrickson.

Don’t Let It Die” and “Sector 18” were two of the first self-published board games to be uploaded to Created by Dustin Hendrickson, they not only did an incredible job implementing the games using the in-game editor, but added in-depth descriptions for them both on too.

Liviane uploaded the gorgeous multi functional Chimera table, which comes with three variants and modular containers that can be slotted or placed around the table. While Gertbue recreated the lesser known but unique classic game “Salta“, a two-player abstract strategy board game invented in the late 1800s.

The multi functional “Chimera” table created by Liviane, which is ready for you to use in your own games!

Active members of our official Discord community Sparr and 0x40 collaborated on the “Scripted Ghetto Counter Optimized“, which showed a creative use of scripting and was great to see different creator’s working together on a project.

Finally MoonlightHelix has been busy recreating a couple of games for others to enjoy. Firstly “Decktet” which is a six-suited deck of cards which can be used to play several games ( under creative commons), and secondly the classic Japanese chess game Shogi.

Each of our winners will be receiving a code for the final release of Tabletop Playground, so they can continue to create incredible games and tools following the game’s release! We plan to continue to run these monthly competitions during early access, so creators can win codes for their friends and family.

The classic Japanese chess game Shogi recreated in all it’s glory by MoonlightHelix.

We’re getting everything ready for the Steam early access launch of Tabletop Playground for May 15th (only a week away!), and we’re incredibly excited for you to join us on our journey and continue to help shape the game to be the best digital tabletop gaming experience.

Remember to wishlist Tabletop Playground on Steam, follow us on FacebookTwitter and join our Discord community to keep up to date with all news about the game. Until next time Meeples, we hope all your games are good ones and congrats again to our comp winners for April!

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