Tabletop Playground Early Access Development Roadmap

It’s been a couple of weeks since the early access launch for Tabletop Playground, our modern digital tabletop game for fans and creators alike. 

Having been in development for several years now, seeing people using it to play their favorite board games online with friends, brings a lot of joy to our team! Your enthusiasm for the game has been infectious, with many of you joining our Discord server, sharing your creations and giving us a ton of great feedback.

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Following some initial bug fixes, we’re now looking ahead to the next major updates for the game during early access, which we’re expecting to last six months. Your feedback and suggestions has helped shape our development roadmap for Tabletop Playground, which we’re happy to now share with you.

We’ve decided to sort the features we have planned for early access into a couple of categories, so you can see which ones are most relevant for you. Depending on whether you’re mostly interested in playing games (mods) in Tabletop Playground, or using the editor to create your own too! Check them out below:

General Play Features

Blindfold – Be able to blindfold yourself, and show who is currently blindfolded.

Card Peek – Allow peeking under cards on the table using the object zoom.

Card Stack Splits – Add a context menu entry for card stacks to split the stack.

Valve Index Controller Support – Adapt button mappings and controller model for Index controller.

2D Hardware Cursor – Option for a completely 2D cursor instead of the 3D model.

Hot Seat Mode – Multiple players can play on one PC, each with their own name and a quick way to switch between players.

Editor and creator features

Creating 3D tokens/figurines from images – Use transparent images to create tokens, cards, and figures with configurable depth. Removes the need for 3D models when using complex shapes for these objects.

Multiple Snap Points Rotations – Allow more than one possible snap rotation.

HTTP Requests – Add a way to create HTTP requests to the API.

Colours For Tokens And Cards – Allow using tokens without textures, and set the color of their surface. Set the color on the side of stacks.

Scripting UI – The ability to add user interface elements to the 3D world, including, labels, buttons, text boxes and more.

Overall features and improvements for the game

Localization Support – Adding more languages in addition to English, with German being the first translation (with more to follow!).

Higher Maximum Players And Custom Player Colours – Increase the number of possible players in a game.

Website And PDF Browsing Devices – Objects that can display PDFs and interactive websites during games. Features

We’re also working closely with, the cross platform mod service which Tabletop Playground uses to host mods created by our community, to add features which will benefit players, creators and board game publishers.

An upcoming feature on, will be the option for board game creators to be verified and for their mods to then be recognised as official games. While players will be able to soon filter mods based on whether they’ve been created by verified creators too.

There are more features in the works for, some of which will have a significant impact on how games are made available for Tabletop Playground players. We’re continuing to work with board game modders, developers and publishers, to learn what features they’d like to see be implemented in the future.

Check out the Tabletop Playground early access roadmap on Trello!

Our community has had a huge effect on how this roadmap came together and we plan to continue to listen to you every step of the way. You’ll even be able to help us decide what features we implement first, through voting on our public development Trello board here

We’ll continue to share all our updates here on Steam, but be sure to jump in our official Discord server too. You can chat with the dev team directly and join in on conversations about the game’s development with other players.

We’ll catch you there and can’t wait to continue building Tabletop Playground with you!

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